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360° Virtual Tours

The first thing you will notice when you´re over a Virtual TOUR image is that your cursor is changed. To move inside the Virtual TOUR image, hold down your left mouse button and point the cursor in the direction you wish.
VIRTUAL TOUR = the digitally photo with possibility to see a place at 360 horizontally and vertically, in other words it is all what you are able to see with your own eyes around you (disadvantage: cannot be printed). The often expression used by photographers is “One photo can replace 1000 words!” Technically one photo can catch only 90 X 60 (with exceptions) from a landscape. Therefore one VIRTUAL TOUR can replace 12 photos. Till now, this is only statistics. But the amazing things are coming now! The VIRTUAL TOUR gives you the possibility to see, with one click, all this photos, and to navigate into this panoramic view, 360 horizontally & vertically (zoom-in, zoom-out), as you are there, inside the picture. Static photos are good and each one of them can express a lot of things, but a VIRTUAL TOUR (widely known as Panoramic View or 360 dynamically images, horizontally & vertically) "rewrites a whole book!" with only one click. More clients as never happened will contact you after they have a VIRTUAL TOUR of which you can offer them, the surrounds where they can spend their vacation, the restaurant where they would have their dinner, the offices, warehouses and commercial or industrial halls of the firm with which contracts of business or partnership will be signed, parks and auto showrooms from where they can hire or buy the desired car, and all what they are interested about, even before they reach to their destination. And what they will see is exactly what they expect. In addition, VIRTUAL TOUR may have interaction with users, having the possibility, by a simple mouse click, to listen to background music, an audio or textual description of what they are seeing.
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