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VIRTUAL TOUR = the digitally photo with possibility to see a place at 360 horizontally and vertically, in other words it is all what you are able to see with your own eyes around you (disadvantage: cannot be printed).

The often expression used by photographers is “One photo can replace 1000 words!”

Technically one photo can catch only 90° X 60° (with exceptions) from a landscape. Therefore one VIRTUAL TOUR can replace 12 photos. Till now, this is only statistics. But the amazing things are coming now! The VIRTUAL TOUR gives you the possibility to see, with one click, all this photos, and to navigate into this panoramic view, 360 horizontally & vertically (zoom-in, zoom-out), as you are there, inside the picture...

Like a traditional shape of business card, DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD support makes in few seconds not only a contact. It builds a relationship with your customers and adds value for your marketing strategy.
Marketing with DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD is a reach media solution that delivers an entertaining and informative experience.

Company Profiles
Sales Presentations
Product Demonstrations
Training Programs
Catalogues (can be cheaper than prinded)
Product Launch/Demonstration Card
Magazine insert/Ride Along
Music Sampler
Games and Software
Interactive Magazine
Trip Guide and Planner
Annual Report

In the whole world, publications over the internet are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which means that your business could be seen in all this time.
Increase your sales by showing the whole world your offers.

With Flash Animations and Java Applets integrated in the web page, your company's web site will become alive, making user's navigation much easier and less boring.

In addition, appealing to our works, you can get benefited of VIRTUAL TOUR-360° technology, a new form, a dynamic image that provides to the onlooker a field of visualization of 360 x 360 degree...

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