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The e-Brochure is a next-generation Internet marketing solution that provides an easy and powerful communications tool for business marketers. The e-Brochure combines text, 360' immersive images, and traditional still images for targeted email marketing as well as in-house information distribution. E-Brochure files can also be saved as Web pages to easily add onto any Web site, complete with links to other pages and sites.
  • The immersive images are used to create images pages which showcase whatever you are promoting from a 360° perspective.
  • Flat image files (for example, a JPEG, BMP or TIF file of your photo or a company logo) can be used in conjunction with 360' immersive images to showcase items. Flat files can also be used to promote your logo or other business identifier.
  • Text descriptions are associated with the image pages to provide detail about the item(s) being promoted. Text also accompanies the flat image files to promote your contact information.
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